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We are excited to announce that our very 1st satellite festival is happening May 9-11 in Stockholm, Sweden! titwrench.tumblr.com

6th Edition Happening in Denver Colorado October 2014 Dates/Venue TBA

TITWRENCH 2013 from Kim Shively on Vimeo.

TITWRENCH is a feminist art and music collective based in the SouthWestern United States in Denver,Colorado. We organize an annual music and art festival,monthly parties,showcases and events that celebrate underrepresented artists, new ideas and forms with an emphasis on female-identified folks.

Our mission:
CELEBRATE new, emerging, women and genderqueer artists who are pushing the boundaries of genre and form and

CREATE and CULTIVATE community around artists,unconventional music,art and an inclusive, fun and safe space for all participants of our events via educational workshops, discussions, concerts and gatherings

CONNECT artists, audiences and communities from disparate genres and backgrounds

We build community so we can thrive together and create radical things!



    Saturday July 28 at Mercury Cafe 2199 California Street / All Welcome *and you do not need a festival pass to attend*

    1-3pm (upstairs - free!) 

    Graphics for the Commons: Collaborative Art-Making with the Beehive Collective http://www.beehivecollective.org - see above ^^^^^^

    2:00pm-3:00pm (downstairs - free)

    Luscious Self-Care with Moon Dance Botanicals

    Learn about natural remedies for stress and make your own herbal anointing oil to take home with you!


    How to Build a Contact Mic with Marisa Demarco

    Build your own tiny microphone that can amplify anything!

    (no experience necessary) 

    located on main floor  > $25 materials fee > RSVP required by Friday 6pm > gaysunshine@gmail.com 

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